Kirtiraj Equipment, established in 1983, is the highest graded manufacturer of Papad Making machines in India. We believe that innovation is our biggest key success factor and have always stayed ahead of our competitors by providing our customers with the highest quality product. This drive led us to create EZROTI™, India’s leading fully automatic roti making machines.

Using our pre-existing network, we are able to supply our machines all around the world including countries like Canada, U.S.A, U.K, Australia, Sri Lanka to name a few. We’ve supported the roll-out of many of the country’s favourite brands, such as Tirth Papad, Parul Papad, Yash Papad, Haldiram, Suruchi spices, Yogi Papad, Rambandhu Masala, Pravin Masala.

By choosing Kirtiraj and EZROTI™, you are tapping into close to four decades of knowledge and innovation that has disrupted the food processing industry. We offer nothing but the highest quality products that will help you maximize your profit by minimizing your costs. We look forward to meeting you and discuss our future partnership.

Using close to four decades of experience, Kirtiraj Equipment, continues to be the leading provider of food processing machinery by providing our customers with the highest quality machines that maximize their profits and output.

Our mission is creating a confidence in our customers by leverage our decades of experience, industry leading innovations, high quality machinery and customer-centered service. We don’t just believe is creating a business relationship, we believe in creating a family.

Founder & Director


Kirti Patel


Kirti Patel established Kirtiraj Equipment in 1983 to disrupt the food processing industry.

The story of Kirtiraj starts well before that time. Mr. Patel’s mother started the business, selling papad from home. Seeing her struggle, he decided to create an innovative solution to expand the business. He designed and produced India’s first successful automatic papad making machine. Fast forwarding to 2019, he has now grown the company to international levels with over by exporting his inventions and innovations to countries like U.S.A, U.K, Canada, Australia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania and Nepal. With his guidance and leadership, the company has not only dominated the papad industry but is starting to become a leader in the automized roti machine, pain puri machines and khakra machines.

Mr. Patel lives authentically and transparently, setting achievable and measurable goals for his team, and championing his people and brand. Taking the hardest tasks for himself, coming in early, staying late, and leading by example - these aren't just catch phrases at Kirtiraj, this is how he makes it happen.

We'd Recommend Kirtiraj Papad Machine Because It Really User Friendly, Quality Materials And Good In Papad Productions

SuruchiNagpur - Maharashtra


We have been doing business with Kirtiraj Papad Machine since 1991. During this time, Kirtiraj has provided us with excellent customer service, timely and reliable information and quality products. They have met our expectations in regards to communication and quality. I do not hesitate to recommend Kirtiraj Papad Machine.

HaldiramNagpur - Maharashtra


Kirtiraj Papad Machine is an outstanding organization and one that has truly benefited our organization as well the Principals we serve. We appreciate the significant value that Kirtiraj Papad Machine has created for all concerned.

HaldiramDilhi NCR

Our clients

Sold over 10,000 machines helped develop many popular brands like :

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