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India's 1st successful automatic papad making machine

Kirtiraj Equipment is India’s 1st successful company that manufactures automatic papad making machine. The company was established in the year 1983 and have years of experience in manufacturing various papad making machines. These papad making machine helps the different papad making companies manufacture same size and quality of papads. 

The automatic papad making machine helps the company to manufacture more papads and increase their business. Manufacturing papad with automatic papad making takes less time as compared to manual papad making process. Apart from this, purchasing automatic papad making machine is just one time cost where you just need to maintain that machine and quality papads are manufactured. When the company is hiring manpower to manufacture, the costing goes a bit high where the company is responsible to pay the labour wages and even there are chances where quality and size of papad differs from each other. Being human we have a tendency to make mistakes but machines don’t make mistakes as it is operated with the specific quantity of ingredients and is prepared in predefined size. 

Automatic Papad Making machine handles end to end papad making process which includes making of dough, preparing a roll of that dough, preparing papads and lastly packing the prepared papads. Automatic Papad Making machine comes up with high strength, smooth as well as excellent functionality and prolonged service life. The machine is available in different capacity which starts from 100 KGS to 3000 KGS. It saves your time, money as well as manpower. Lastly, it becomes very easy to clean the machine which is included in all the models. Kirtiraj Equipment provides automatic papad making machine at pocket friendly rates.