EZ ROTI can 450 Roti in per hour so its best for Hospitals, Temple, Gurh Udhyog, Restaurant, Schools so its good opportunities for your business.

EZRoti is designed to keep cleaning as easy as possible.
Daily cleaning: 2 small parts come in contact with the wet dough which requires cleaning after each use. They are dishwasher-safe and easily accessible via the side door.
Weekly Cleaning: Includes cleaning storage (flour, water and oil) containers, flour dispensing tunnel, front door, pan area, behind the Kicker and Sweeper. *Insert labelled picture*

Each EZRoti comes with a free 1-year limited warranty to support you in case of breakage related to regular use.

Yes. This warranty is applicable to overseas buyers. But in this case all costs of postage, couriers,and transportation are the responsibility of the purchaser.

We provide 24 x 7 customer support internationally, for troubleshooting of any product related issue in shortest time by our highly trained service engineers to ensure you don’t miss out on Hot Fresh Rotis.

Below mentioned parts of this machine are not covered in this warranty:
- The parts which are consumables and need to be regularly maintained, filled or replaced and that are subjected to normal wear and tear.
- Electrical Items like parts of operating boards/panels & induction motors which normally fails due to improper power supply or extreme power fluctuations which are beyond our control.

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