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Rolling papad is the final stage of the process.Extruded Papad Dough sheet  is inserted in the nip of sheeter roller where it passes between the rollers,rollers press the sheet into a fine thin film of papad dough sheet which gets transfered onto a take up belt & then onto Die cutting belt where papads are formed by cutting dies of desired size,execss dough is either collected or transformed directly to the sheeter rollers or  through the papad dough extruder for recycling  in continuous process,Papads get transfeered into continuous conveyor drier for drying & cooling cycle, depending on the clients preference & factory layout papads will exit the machine from either side  or from the back of the machine where it can be packed immediatly.Papads are rolled individually. To simplify the complicated process of rolling papads we combined the old art of hand rolling with modem technology and have come up with remarkably simple but high output yielding machine.

Papads of different sizes Mathia, Chorafali, Sakkarpara, Samosa layer etc. can be made with the use of this machine.

Salient Features :


     Superb after sales service.

     Robust design to withstand years of demanding performanc

     HACCP, US FDA, EU certified main die belt.

     Available from 100 kgs upto 3000 kgs/8hrs capacity

     onsite training available.

     DESIGNED  to save you time,money,men power.

     Easy clean system included in all models.

     Fuel options can be selected from ELECTRIC,DIESEL,GAS,WOOD.