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Introduce in 1995 Kirtiraj electric papad dryers are successfully used in papad making industry .it is an ideal choice for small manufacturers or where the papad making unit is near the residential area. This multi tierd conveyor system dries papad gradually .mild hot air is blown on  papads.air temperature is controlled zone wise through digital temperature controllers,humidity inside the drier can also be monitored (optional).as the papad entre the dryer it is enveloped by flowing air from all direction which carries away the moisture from papad gradually from the core through the surface,enabling in properly dried papad to retain the flavour. Uniform drying also ensures long self life of papads.

Salient Features :

     Most efficient drying system in the papad industry.

     Modular design 

     can be custom designed as per client's needs

     multi tierd  conveyor system

     Multi directional air path envelops the product from all sides resulting in uniform product at the most economical drying cost

     Zone wise temperature controls

     variable speed for the conveing belts helps set precise timing for papad drying

     Easy clean system included in all models.


Technical Detail :

 Average Production  8 to 10 Kg. per Hrs.
 Electric Consumption  2 units Per Hrs.
 Total Space Requirement  18 Foot X 2 Feet X 7 Feet
 Die Provided  6" & 8"