Fully Auto Papad Making Machine

In Fully automatic machine you get the flour kneading and flat sheet making machine, a papad roller and sheet cutter machine which is directly linked to the drier.

The papad after cutting stage directly goes to the drier machine wherein it dries and is ready for the next steps that is packaging. It requires a good amount of space and three phase electrical connection to have a fully automatic papad making machine. We at Kirtiraj, have expertise on making this type of machine since last 4 decades (40 years).

Fully automatic papad making machines comes in a wide range starting from 250 kg a shift to 3000 kg a shift, although you can also customized in 100 kg, 200 kg and 250kg also as per your requirement.


Pre-Sheeter:   Also known as malish machine in general terms, it basically makes a sheet from you dough and it is directly connected to the further machines, it avoids human touch and improves the process, reduces Lead time and human error.

It can be useful when you want to have a larger capacity and continuous production line.

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    Power Source : Electric, Gas,  Diesel, Wood
    Usage/Application : Food Industry
    Voltage : 440 V
    Capacity : 80 to 3000 kg per shift
    Automation Grade : Semi-Automatic / Fully Automatic
    Material : Stainless Steel / Mild Steel
    Total Installation Area of Machine (L x B x H) (in Feet) : Customization
    Required Area For Installation Papad Machine Approximate (L x B x H) (in Feet) : Customization

    This machine consist of a combination of flour kneading machine, flat sheet making machine Papad rolling and cutting machine and a drier.

    Drier consist of multiple tire Electric drying system which is fitted with temperature controller, hot air generating heaters inside the chambers and a suitable blower system. The drier has 7 belts and variable speed drive / Variable Frequency drive commonly known as VFD.

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